About Kimeko


I'm Kimeko and I'm a storyteller.

Since childhood, I've told stories about people and my interactions with them and somewhere along my 23 years of life, I've managed to turn that into a career. My senior year of high school, I walked into my first newsroom with Ted Hall of 11 Alive and my heart skipped a beat. 

I guess you could say I got the same feeling Holly Golightly got when she walked into Tiffany & Co.

My sophomore year of college, I joined the student newspaper, The George-Anne. I was a reporter for a semester before I was moved to assistant editor and ultimately editor. I stayed in that position for about a year while I took creative writing classes and discovered my passion for reading and a variety of writing styles.

All through college, I interned at daily papers, wrote for blogs, newsletters and the university's student arts magazine.

I landed my first job close to graduation and two weeks after crossing the stage to get my diploma, I was a staff writer on the front page of The St. Augustine Record.

Closing in on a year on the job, I've met some really incredible people. I've met a woman considered to be a housemother of the Civil Rights Movement, a local jazz legend and a few kids with bright futures.

This website gives you the opportunity to learn more about the stories I've written and the people who help me tell them.